Healthcare business processes are critical...

Here is how CognitiveHealth’s Intelligent Process Automation Platform addresses these issues.

1. Easily customizable

Works with most EMR, ERP, claims management applications. Has modules for different business functions such as finance, quality and claims. Compatible with multiple platforms (Windows, UNIX, mainframe, Java and others).

2. Efficiently automates complex business processes

Simplifies business process automation. Applies machine learning models.

3. Accelerates automation, reduces costs

Reduces time to achieve process automation. Significant savings, guaranteed ROI.

4. Achieves compliance

Uses industry standards to achieve HIPAA and related regulatory compliance. Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) meets stringent security standards. Offers optimum security and management controls.


How iCAN Works:


1.Connect to different applications seamlessly

Enterprise applications such as EMR, claims or payer portals that run on any platform.

2.Auditable execution of process tasks

Maintains audit logs and operational data for review, management and security.

3.Decision support

Uses machine learning models for logical execution of process tasks and best results.

4.Manage exceptions

Identify, alert, or escalate exceptions appropriately to management.

5.Apply AI

Apply artificial intelligence to direct the decision tree, abstracting, reporting and achieving results in highly complex business processes.

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Why CognitiveHealth?

At CognitiveHealth, we’ve developed a unique digital platform that helps to automate complex business processes in healthcare, giving your team more time for productive tasks.

Our experienced team of professionals has partnered with recognized health systems to build the applications. Discover a new level of automation, combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence with CognitiveHealth.


Our customers and
development partners


Hospitals and Health Systems

Reduce provider administrative burden in finance, quality and care management functions.

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Healthcare Payers

Achieve efficiency in member and provider services and claims management processes.

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Long Term Care Facilities

Significantly reduce LTC staffing needs by automating the revenue cycle functions.

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