Automate any business process.

iCAN is an intuitive, intelligent process automation platform designed specifically for healthcare business administration. iCAN enables your resources to work to their fullest potential by increasing efficiency. The flexible iCAN platform combines automation with AI and machine learning to address complex business processes.

Also, take advantage of CognitiveHealth Automation Scale and accelerate ROI from automation.

ICAN automation

Achieve better efficiency and ROI with iCAN Automate.

iCAN Automate combines automation process design with process mapping technology. iCAN Automate delivers capabilities to record business processes in real-time. It mimics a redesigned automation process flow for faster development, better results.

Also, CognitiveHealth Automation Scale – a unique methodology guilds a business value model.


Use data insights to improve efficiency with iCAN Insight.

iCAN insight understands the data in your enterprises and develops diagnostic insights to make the automation efficient. Using data insights also helps better training and task prioritization.

ICAN insight
ICAN predict

Predict and execute tasks using iCAN Predict.

iCAN Predict uses predictive models and intelligent processing to identify specific business process tasks.

iCAN automates complex tasks, such as: Claims denial management, appeals, financial transaction management. Pre-service business processes (prior authorizations, benefits coordination). Claims administration...


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