Achieve new savings by automating essential finance and quality business functions.

Now there’s an efficient way to manage these time-consuming tasks, while reducing the resources required. CognitiveHealth solutions automate these functions to deliver significant savings: Pre-service, billing, denial management, revenue cycle and finance processes. Quality reporting that diverts clinician time from patient care.


Build trust with members and providers. Scale down costs by automating administrative functions.

Prior authorizations, claims adjudication, coordinating provider services increase the cost of managing a health plan. Utilize the CognitiveHealth automation platform iCAN to quickly and efficiently facilitate these functions. Recognize significate savings and improve interactions with providers and members.


Reduce staffing needs in managing billing and finance.

iCAN has applications built specifically for long term care facilities. These are designed with an in-depth knowledge of the complexities of Medicare, Medicaid and HMO billing in LTC.

These applications work with your front- end clinical systems. Reduce staff time involved and be able to focus more on collections, not process management.


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