AI Optimizes Healthcare RCM

iCAN™ is an Intelligent Process Automation Platform purpose-built for healthcare with proven benefits.


iCAN™ accelerates correspondence management with greater precision and fewer dedicated resources.

iCAN™ enables "touchless" document processing with speed and data accuracy that exceeds manual workflows.

iCAN™ automates transformation of data from complex healthcare documents such as EOB, EDI, lab orders and others using Machine Learning algorithms. Intelligent data capture learns how to identify, classify and extract information and accurately assign them into the appropriate work queue. This includes the 80% of healthcare records that are unstructured.

iCAN™ automatically facilitates daily posting and reconciliation, identifies variance for staff review.

iCAN™automates data collection from banks, EDI, EMRs and other sources, and accurately transcribes the data required for posting and reconciliation.

iCAN™ expedites challenging reconciliations by extracting the correct transactions from a variety of sources: EFT, bank receipts, 837s and reports from the EMR according to patient account. iCAN automates cash posting while identifying exceptions to escalate for staff review.

iCAN™ energizes lab order processes that are indispensable to patient care, eliminating tedious, error-prone manual tasks.

iCAN™ delivers accurate data transcription from faxes and various other sources of digital or unstructured data, using machine learning algorithms that enhance workflow management and staff utilization.

iCAN™ streamlines the timely completion of lab orders, meeting and improving turnaround time while avoiding backlogs and delays. iCAN works 24/7 and automates processing the orders into the EMR.

How iCAN™ Works:
iCAN™ works as a digital employee in your team

What our customers say

"In the 15 months of collaboration with the CognitiveHealth team we have successfully implemented automation in the areas of cash posting, reconciliation and correspondence workflows, with several additional use cases in the works.  We’re pleased with the early results and continuing to expand our partnership with CognitiveHealth"

- Sharlene Seidman, Vice President of Patient Financial Services at Yale-New Haven Health System.