AI Optimizes Healthcare RCM

iCAN™ is an Intelligent Process Automation Platform purpose-built for healthcare with proven benefits.


iCAN™ dramatically scales back the cost of transactional, labor-intensive processes

iCAN™ works in real-time, 24/7, to augment the human workforce by delivering accurate information throughout processes.

iCAN™ has demonstrated reduction of over 60% work effort in processes such as Cash Reconciliation and Posting, Eligibility Verification, Correspondence Management, Lab Order Processing and others in your business environment.

iCAN™ has remarkably improved efficiencies by reducing errors and expediting timely completion of tasks.

Human errors and delay in completing tasks in RCM are the primary reasons for increased denials.

iCAN™ has proven to eliminate the backlog and keep the data entry error-free, thereby reducing denials.

Ai efficiency

iCAN™ has the potential to reduce denials and significantly increase revenue.

iCAN™ uses AI and data analytics to identify denials, flag them for follow-up and appeals.

iCAN™ Availability of accurate claims data enables timely resubmissions of denials, with accelerated follow-up.

iCAN™ Proven Customer Use Cases

Correspondence management Meaningful data (structured/unstructured) extracted from letters and other documents to enable prompt actions per each patient account.
Cash reconciliation and posting Collecting bank and claims data, payment reconciliation, posting of zero variance claims into the EMR, management of exceptions.
Lab order processing Processing of lab orders coming as faxes, mail and other documents, entered into the EMR without manual intervention.
Eligibility verification Timely verification before the encounter and at the time of billing automatically.
Many other business processes Denial Management | Claims Status Review | AR Follow-up | Prior Authorization | Any transactional business process that can be made faster, more accurate and with actionable, decision-enabling analytics

How iCAN™ Works:
iCAN™ works as a digital employee in your team

What our customers say

"In the 15 months of collaboration with the CognitiveHealth team we have successfully implemented automation in the areas of cash posting, reconciliation and correspondence workflows, with several additional use cases in the works.  We’re pleased with the early results and continuing to expand our partnership with CognitiveHealth"

- Sharlene Seidman, Vice President of Patient Financial Services at Yale-New Haven Health System.