In a recent article published by Healthcare IT Today, CognitiveHealth Technologies co-founder Pavani Munjuluri offers readers a glimpse into intelligent process automation (IPA) and how it’s benefiting providers in the wake of COVID-19.

IPA has emerged as a powerful tool to support providers’ rapid pivot to adopt new processes, workflows and technologies. Munjuluri details how Connecticut-based Yale-New Haven Health applied IPA to a multi-system revenue cycle process that was difficult to support in the new remote work environment brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. By automating processes around payment posting and cash reconciliation, the health system was able to reduce full-time employee workload by 14 percent with estimated cost savings of over 30 percent of budget.

Munjuluri touches on additional areas that are ripe for IPA in healthcare, including:

  • System accessibility: Use IPA bots to automatically run tests and flag areas of failure
  • Test script automation: Use intelligent bots to create test patient profiles for integrated testing
  • Revenue cycle efficiency: Use intelligent bots for repetitive, high-volume tasks in healthcare RCM processes

She also offers best practices for provider organizations considering IPA solutions, encouraging healthcare leaders to:

  1. Automate repetitive tasks to achieve the greatest impact.
  2. Embrace digital employees as part of the team.
  3. Take an enterprise view and leverage the IPA platform across departments.

Read the full article, including five additional IPA implementation best practices, here:

When is IPA (Intelligent Process Automation) Right for You? Best Practices to Scale and Implement Today