Intelligent Process Automation Platform.

Purpose-built for Healthcare

iCAN™ (Integrated Cognitive Automation Neuron) is a versatile healthcare automation platform.
iCAN™ leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate increasingly complex business processes.

    • CognitiveHealth Technologies announces the appointment of Pavani Munjuluri as Chief Executive Officer.January 6, 2022

      CognitiveHealth Technologies announces the appointment of Pavani Munjuluri as Chief Executive Officer. We are excited to announce Ms. Pavani Munjuluri as the Chief Executive Officer of CognitiveHealth Technologies. Pavani is the Co-founder and has been serving as COO for the last three years. She has been very successful in leading our product development and client […]

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    • How Yale-New Haven Uses IPA in Revenue Cycle to Tackle InefficiencyDecember 16, 2020

      As the pandemic heads toward a second year with no further financial stimulus guaranteed, hospitals and health systems are seeking ways to reduce costs and improve revenue cycle performance. Intelligent process automation (IPA) is an emerging solution designed to optimize operations and increase productivity through a combination of process modeling, process automation, and artificial intelligence. […]

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    • Automating Revenue Cycle On The Back End Improves Patient Engagement On The FrontDecember 15, 2020

      For one health system, robotic process automation equates to about 27,000 hours in a month saved, which correlates to around $500,000. Revenue cycle directors are seeing a clear path for automation to increase revenue, decrease denials, speed up prior authorization and claims, and remove many of the repetitive clicks that hamper daily operations. From an […]

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    • IPA in Healthcare: 2021 – The Year to Catch UpDecember 3, 2020

      When it comes to intelligent process automation (IPA) in healthcare, multiple stakeholders drive technology adoption. Payers, providers and patients all bring their own unique interests and perspectives on how healthcare should operate and in what areas IPA should be used. 2021 is the right time to leverage and measure the benefits and successes of IPA […]

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    • The Need for Intelligent Process Automation in the Revenue Cycle (October 22, 2020)October 24, 2020

      Topic: The Need for Intelligent Process Automation in the Revenue Cycle

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    • Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) – technology and opportunitiesOctober 20, 2020

      Pavani Munjuluri , Co-Founder and COO for Cognitive Health IT talks to Jim Tate about the use of Intelligent Process Automation in the Healthcare Revenue Cycle. Listen to her talking about the technology and the opportunities IPA can provide here;

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    • CognitiveHealth Co-Founder Shares Intelligent Process Automation Best PracticesSeptember 25, 2020

      In a recent article published by Healthcare IT Today, CognitiveHealth Technologies co-founder Pavani Munjuluri offers readers a glimpse into intelligent process automation (IPA) and how it’s benefiting providers in the wake of COVID-19.

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    • iCAN Correspondence ManagementDecember 14, 2020

      CognitiveHealth’s Intelligent automation platform, iCAN leverages AI and machine learning to read, sort and manage daily correspondence and frees up the staff time to handle more challenging tasks. This is a true application of AI in revenue cycle workflow for healthcare providers and payors

    • Introducing iCANSeptember 12, 2020

      Introducing iCAN – an Intelligent Automation Platform built for the healthcare industry – learn more about iCAN in this brief video.

    • Opportunities for Intelligent Process AutomationSeptember 12, 2020

      Visionary leaders are turning to Intelligent process automation to reduce costs and increase efficiencies. However the challenge is how to identify the best opportunities for your organization. – Learn how to identify the opportunities.

    • iCAN™ is a platformSeptember 12, 2020

      iCAN™ is a platform to create a team of digital employees capable of executing complex business processes in Healthcare revenue cycle and claims operations. Download our brochure to learn more.



    • iCAN in revenue cycleSeptember 12, 2020

      Learn how a 2500 bed academic health system was able to save over 80% of work effort and expanding their use of iCAN in revenue cycle. Download the article to learn more.



    • Intelligent Document ProcessingJanuary 24, 2022

          Classifying large volumes of documents is essential to make them more manageable and, ultimately, obtain valuable insights. But manual processing might find the incoming volume of data very hard to manage, not to mention tedious and inefficient. That is why an automatic document classification is a great option. Using advance Natural Language Processing […]

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    • Maximizing business value requires the vision of intelligence in automationDecember 14, 2020

      The benefits of automating healthcare administrative tasks to gain efficiencies have been agreed in principle for some time now. Ongoing conversations evolve around robotic process automation (RPA) and how to enact a meaningful digital workforce to recognize the touted advantages. It is widely known that healthcare is behind other industries in adopting tools and technologies […]

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