Intelligent Process Automation
Purpose-built for Healthcare

iCAN™ automates complex business processes in healthcare finance, revenue cycle, quality, claims management, supply chain and Information Technology functions.

Achieve better efficiency and ROI with iCAN Automate™.

iCAN Automate™ combines automation process mapping with process design methodology. iCAN Automate™ delivers capabilities to record business processes in real-time. This facilitates faster development and seamless deployment.

Also, CognitiveHealth Automation Scale – a unique methodology guides a business value model.

Use data insights to improve
efficiency with iCAN Insight™.

iCAN insight™ understands the structured and unstructured data in your enterprises for enhanced automation. Natural language processing tools and techniques are leveraged to process the unstructured data for additional insights and intelligent automation. For example, iCAN Insight is used to process large amount of correspondence documents by categorizing, indexing and automating the relevant downstream workflows.

Predict and execute tasks
using iCAN Predict™.

iCAN Predict™ uses data analytics and machine learning to report, alert, validate specific business process tasks.

iCAN™ automates complex tasks, such as: Claims denial management, appeals, financial transaction management. Pre-service business processes (prior authorizations, benefits coordination) and claims administration.

Manage automated business processes using iCAN Manage™

You will be able to schedule, execute and monitor tasks using iCAN-Manage™.

iCAN-Manage™ sends alert and escalate exceptions enabling team members to manage them. In addition, generate reports, submit them, automatically email them to other teams as needed using iCAN Manage™

How iCAN™ Works:
iCAN™ works as a digital employee in your team

What our customers say

"In the 15 months of collaboration with the CognitiveHealth team we have successfully implemented automation in the areas of cash posting, reconciliation and correspondence workflows, with several additional use cases in the works.  We’re pleased with the early results and continuing to expand our partnership with CognitiveHealth"

- Sharlene Seidman, Vice President of Patient Financial Services at Yale-New Haven Health System.